Founded in 1948, Azar Gems is a global family business that was built on the principles of integrity, unmatched quality, and a worldly style that is imbued in timeless beauty.

Azar began as a diamond wholesale and trading company based in Beirut, Lebanon and later expanded to Los Angeles and Antwerp, Belgium. As the company grew, the Azar brothers, Joseph, Nabil and Elie began to explore new opportunities in the design and manufacturing of jewelry.

Values from their diamond wholesale background along with avant-garde thinking created a jewelry business renown for its experienced goldsmiths and unique designs. Their pieces are handmade in 18k gold, diamonds and colored stones, and are identifiable by their immaculate settings.

Every year, Azar debuts new collections including a myriad of modern and traditional jewelry that pleases the most discerning eye, from members of Middle Eastern royal families to the Sports industry and Hollywood.

Recently the second generation Azars have joined the family business and are introducing designs with an edgy and contemporary flair. The Azar collections can be viewed online, at any of the three boutiques in Lebanon, and yearly in jewelry exhibitions throughout the Gulf countries, the United States and Far East Asia.