Founded in 1948, Azar Gems is a global family business that was built on the principles of integrity, superior quality, and most importantly a worldly style that is imbued in timeless and beautiful jewelry pieces.

Azar Gems’ beginnings were as a diamond wholesale and trading company based in Beirut and later expanded to Los Angeles. As the company grew, the Azar brothers began to explore new opportunities in jewelry manufacturing.

Values from their diamond wholesale company converged with avant garde thinking to create a jewelry manufacturing corporation that is known for its experienced goldsmiths working with materials like platinum and gold, brilliant-cut diamonds in fine settings, and precious as well as semi precious colored stones. Making customer satisfaction their main priority, Azar Gems is perpetually striving to reach an optimal price to quality ratio that will please the most discerning customer.

With each passing year, Azar Gems debuts new collections that include a mix of modern and traditional jewelry that is perfect for any occasion. These collections can be viewed at one of the three boutiques in Lebanon, or multiple locations in the U.S.A., online, and of course in jewelry exhibitions all over the Gulf countries. The words of Napoleon Hill are emblematic of Azar Gems' history in the business, “Cherish your vision and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."